Welcome! Catalyst has two different ways for you to submit. Choose the pathway that is best for you based on what you want to achieve with your projects.



If you want to be eligible for pitch meetings, career mentorships, networking events & workshops with industry professionals, in addition to being considered for festival screenings & awards, then you want to continue reading and register today for our Storieroad process here:




If you are only interested in festival screenings and awards, and do not want to be eligible for pitch meetings, career mentorships, networking events & workshops with industry professionals, then you want to follow the FESTIVAL ONLY pathway. Festival only submissions are $65/project and are open from February 16th-May 31st. Come back to this page during that timeframe to submit for the festival only.

Storieroad Details & Registration

What are the Storieroad Events Called?

Exposition, Firstlight, Storiearc, Nexttake and Succession.(view details)

Catalyst Stories Registration Includes
  • Up to 2 projects for the Storieroad path which are also automatically submitted for festival consideration

  • Free access to Storieroad events (view details)

  • 1 Creator pass to the 2020 festival in Duluth Sept 30-Oct 4, 2020

  • Eligibility towards production notes & executive meetings once Storieroad thresholds are met (view details)

  • Eligibility for table reads for scripts that complete the Storiearc module

  • Projects listed in content database for executive access throughout the year


Register by Feb 15th for $185/year or $19/month



What Is Storieroad?

The Catalyst Stories Institute (aka, Storieroad) is a series of industry seminars, workshops, and events that prepare ​content creators for potential meetings & mentorships with industry executives, producers & professionals. These events are excellent networking opportunities to expand your professional contacts.


The annual Catalyst Content Festival is a week-long event, and part of the Storieroad process, that publicly showcases pitches, scripts, and projects selected to screen and win awards.

Or, to put it another way...

Projects registered for Storieroad are eligible for pitch meetings, mentorships, & festival consideration.


While projects submitted only for festival consideration are not eligible for pitch meetings, mentorships & the Storieroad events.

Who Can Register
  • Creators, writers, directors, actors & producers.

  • All persons who want to participate in the meetings, seminars & events must register individually. For example, if only the project's writer registers, then only the project's writer will be admitted to the Storieroad process, meetings, and events.

  • Everyone who registers by the Feb 15th deadline is automatically accepted to Storieroad.
  • All Storieroad projects are submitted for festival consideration for free.

Types of Content Accepted
  • Narrative/episodic/serialized content of any genre, style, type and length: comedy, drama, thriller, scripted, unscripted, documentary, TV, social media, short form, "half-hour", "hour-long", radio, podcast, reality, talk show, game show, animation, kids, gaming, VR, mobile, etc.

  • Projects can be in any stage of development when you register: ideation, pitch, script, production, post-production, or completed. Final versions of your project are due for festival consideration by May 31st.

Registration & Content Submission Deadlines
  • You and other people involved with your project must register before the Feb 15th deadline.

  • If you are involved with more than one project, you only need to register yourself once. You do not need to re-register for each project.

  • After you register, you have until May 31st to submit your final versions of your projects for festival consideration.




Register each person involved with the project(s) who will be attending the events and potential meetings.


Complete the data questionnaire for your projects (up to 2). Your projects will be automatically submitted for festival consideration.



We will send you a schedule of events to be held April-August in locations closest to you. Virtual options will be available if you cannot make the events in person. 


Seminars, workshops, table reads, casting sessions, and more events.



The annual Catalyst Content Festival in Duluth, MN.


The Storieroad Path



Registration is open until February 15. Your ability to pick your preferred seminars and workshops is based on where you are in the order of registration, so register today!



You can submit up to two projects to be included in Storieroad & for festival consideration. Projects can be at any phase of development: ideation, outline, pitch, script, production, etc.



The complete schedule of seminars and workshops will be posted in March. Pick the dates and times that work for you. Those who registered first get to select first.



Begin with these in-person and online seminars. Topics include: how networks pick shows, agents & representation, legal basics, how to sell a show, and more.


from idea to pitch

How to take the abstract concept of your new show out of your imagination and format it into a professional pitch deck presentation. Eligible for Network notes meeting.


from pitch to script

Intensive writing seminars and workshops that focus on character development, show format, and ready your script for production. Eligible for Marketplace Executive meeting and table read.


from script to screen

An in-depth on set director and producer workshop for up to 3 selected Storieroad fellows. 




After the three NextTake projects are shot, it is time to test them in front of a live audience!



An exclusive retreat for industry executives. One audience selected project from the LiveTest will be eligible to attend.



Can I submit my project only to the festival after Feb 15? Or do I have to register for Storieroad before Feb 15?

Yes, you can submit your individual project just to the festival from February 16-May 31 for the normal $65 per project submission fee but your project WILL NOT be eligible for industry meetings, labs, and script readings. If you submit after Feb 15th just for the festival, that project will only be considered for potential screening at the festival.

How Do I Get Meetings for my Project?

The first three Storieroad modules (Exposition, FirstLight, and StorieArc) prepare creators for these meetings, known as Network Notes and Marketplace.

Who are the Industry Professionals Involved?

The industry producers, casting directors, writers, directors, lawyers, agents, speakers and other professionals who partner with us changes every year. The full list is posted in March when the schedule is announced. You can see last year's list here.

What if I want to register after Feb 15?

There is no Catalyst Storieroad registration after February 15th, only individual festival project submissions.

Why can't I have meetings if I just submit for the festival after Feb 15?

Setting up industry meetings is a delicate process that takes our team months of work. We need to make sure your project is fully prepped and properly matched with the right industry professionals in the Network Notes and Marketplace meetings. The Storieroad modules ensure you are ready for meetings and will be matched correctly.

What are the Network Notes and Marketplace meetings?

Network Notes are one-on-one meetings with a Catalyst producer/creative professional to give you notes on your project in preparation for the festival and potential Marketplace meetings. These are valuable feedback sessions where you can make a new industry contact. Some previous Network Notes meetings have lead to creators gaining mentorships or industry jobs.

Marketplace executive meetings are one-on-one meetings with creators and industry executives who are seeking content in your genre (comedy, drama, reality, podcast, etc.). This is a general introductory meeting and is not a sales or formal pitch meeting. If the executive is interested in pursuing your project further, they will coordinate future meetings directly with you.

Are all projects submitted to Storieroad automatically accepted into the festival?

No. All Storieroad projects are automatically submitted for festival consideration but are not automatically selected to screen at the October festival event. Projects will go through the normal festival selection process.

Do projects have to be in Storieroad to win awards at the festival?

No. All projects selected to screen at the festival are eligible for awards in their appropriate categories.

Do projects enrolled in Storieroad automatically get meetings?

No. Projects must advance through the Exposition and FirstLight modules to be eligible for Network notes meetings. Projects must advance through the Exposition, FirstLight, and StorieArc modules to be eligible for Marketplace meetings. 

Do I have to attend the festival in Duluth in October for my meetings?

No. While we strongly encourage you to attend so that you can meet other industry professionals and creators, it is not required. If you are unable to attend, we will do our best to set up meetings for you as close as possible to your home location, or virtually.




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